[Hunterverse] Another snippet. Not finished.

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[Hunterverse] Another snippet. Not finished.

Post by sinistra_blache on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:38 am

[So, I figure that this is way before Mouse and Mitz get together, before Snooze. Just a month or two after they met for the first time, I would say. The whole finding a job for the person he likes is, apparently, Mitz's a-game. This is a Mitz, by the way, that is about a year younger than when Traitor started, and a lot more unsure when it comes to talking to anyone other than Jerel. After spending some time with Mouse - and having their fleeting romance thing - he'll get a little better. Anyway. Yes.]

Mouse liked taking down vampires. It was something that always made her smile afterwards, no matter how beat up she got or how hard it was to do. There was something about the action of it all, the thrill of ripping the heart out that really appealed to her.

Mitz found this out during the second week of knowing her. It had made him laugh. Jerel said that she was kind of psychotic for enjoying it so much, when Mitz told him about it all. Mitz didn’t mind, actually, that Mouse was or was not psychotic. She enjoyed her job. She didn’t get pissed off when she had to do what she had to do, like so many others. And she was good at it all. She was amazing with a gun – Mitz found that out straight away.

He always wanted to take her out to a shooting range and just watch her work. He thought that it would be brilliant to see. But it stepped a little too close to asking her out on a date or some bollocks that he just never got around to it.

Because it would, wouldn’t it? Be a date. It would and they would both know it and there was no point in asking. But vampires, he could do. Mitz could find all the best vampire jobs and hold them for her, maybe ask if he could go along with her, and Mouse wouldn’t be the wiser. He could spend time with her and not make it weird with fucked up romantic shit and everything would be fine.

Perfect, Mitz thought.

There was the small problem of him never being cool with vampires, but otherwise it was all perfect. And, he supposed, there was the problem with waiting for the right job to turn up. That was a tiny hitch in the plan as well. But if Mitz was anything then it was patient.

So he waited.

And waited.

He kept waiting until he found something just right; a nice little nest of vampires just outside Coventry. Everyone who had gone against them beforehand made it back alive, but wounded. The vampires didn’t want to kill any hunters, it seemed. Probably too scared of sparking a war. But they weren’t against defending their territory. Perfect.
Usually a nest – or coven, or brood, or kiss, or whatever they were calling a group of them nowadays – was about five vampires strong. Reports came back from this one saying that it was seven lead by the strongest bastard. Mitz figured that it would be easier to take out the head honcho and then wait for the others to weaken.

The one thing you could count on with vampires is that they’d pool all their power in the one place, and that place was usually the bloke in charge. Something like that was piss to someone like Mouse, who Mitz watched take down three master vampires in one night with a grin on her face. This kind of thing would be a warm up for her, but interesting enough for her to want to go for it – not to mention easy enough for Mitz to tag along and help out.

As planned, absolutely perfect.

“What’re you grinning about?” Jerel said to Mitz when he came downstairs to bring Mitz a cup of coffee. Mitz had been looking at the job listing for a while now, smiling idiotically and running a few checks on the details to see whether or not it was as good as it looked. Everything was shaping up nicely.

“Nothing,” Mitz said and took the offered mug. It was warm and pleasant after sitting down by the drafty basement door for a few hours. Mitz’s body had learned how to deal with cold from years of sleeping without a roof, but he still felt it. He could just ignore it better than most people.

“Fuckin’ liar,” Jerel teased. “Tell me. Whatcha find? Anything good? Anything that we’re gonna be able to charge for, for once?”
Mitz just answered him with a look. They could sometimes ask for money for services rendered, like if Jerel went along with a hunting party to keep them healthy and in one piece or if Mitz did a particularly hard piece of researching, but those times were few and far between. Jerel sighed when he saw his brother’s face.

“Fucking figures,” he grumbled.

“Just found a job for Lioness,” Mitz explained. Jerel still didn’t know the name that Mouse liked to go by, and Mitz wasn’t entirely sure if he was allowed to tell him. “Vampires. Tough but not too tough. Thinking about going along with her.”

“So you’re going to fuck her, then?” Jerel asked casually, blowing on his coffee. “Typical. I suppose I should let you have a shot at her, anyway. I’m getting too much gash now anyway. Don’t know what to do with myself.”

“Right, yeah,” Mitz rolled his eyes. “You’re letting me have a go at her. It has nothing to do with her shooting you down whenever you open your mouth near her, then?”

“Nothing at all,” Jerel grinned widely. “Who needs to fucking talk when they’re pulling? That’s amateur hour, mate.”

“Right,” Mitz repeated, still unconvinced. Mouse had only met Jerel maybe twice, but she made a point of mentioning how much she didn’t like Jerel each time. Mitz still hadn’t told her that they’re brothers. There were a few reasons for that, one of them being that it just never came up naturally, but Mitz was also a little worried that if Mouse knew that Mitz was related to a bloke that made her skin crawl then she’ll never talk to Mitz again. He’ll tell her soon. He kept telling himself that he’ll tell her soon. She’ll find out eventually, anyway. Stuff like this always had a habit of coming up and getting voiced. Maybe he’ll let it slip on this job.

If she accepts.

“So,” Jerel went on. “Are you actually going to bang her or what?”

“Not even thinking about that,” Mitz said, looking back at the computer and closing down a few tabs on his browser. He was mostly telling the truth, too. He wasn’t doing this to get in Mouse’s bed, but it’s not like he’s never thought about it.

“I don’t know why you insist on lying to me,” Jerel sighed dramatically. “Come on. You would, right? Or do you only like manly women?”

“Fuck off,” Mitz said flatly. Jerel laughed.

“Is that a yes?”

“It’s a ‘fuck off’.”

“So it’s a yes.”

“Fuck off? Seriously, though. I need to do a little more work and your face annoys me too much to get anything done.”

“I love you, too,” Jerel ruffled Mitz’s hair and turned to head upstairs. “Get some sleep tonight, yeah? You’re this far from hallucinating.”

“I will, promise,” Mitz said, because Jerel was right. He hadn’t slept for a few days. There was clean up to do on the Library, since he was trying a new layout and people got really confused really quickly, and the jobs and info never really stopped coming in. Mitz never thought, when he started the forum up, that it would be so popular with hunters. And right now, even if he was still high off a find like the vampires for Mouse, he was looking forward to sleep.

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